revolutionary Beach activity

Babaplaya® – Share and live an incredible adventure

Babaplaya®, allows you to observe the fish, to fish it very easily while being immersed and to live intense emotions on the beach.

Equipped with a mask and a snorkel, you’re off to an incredible adventure during your holidays, alone, with friends or family!

Babaplaya® – How does it work?

Babaplaya® is ideally used underwater with a mask and a snorkel.

But it is also possible to fish from the top of a pontoon.

Your choice !


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Slide a piece of bread in the Babaplaya®
Stand at 2 meters from the Babaplaya® and crumble frequently the bread

When a fish swims into the Babaplaya®, block the opening with your hand to catch the fish
Set the fish free

Babaplaya® – It’s a sporting and educational activity

  • Babaplaya is an intense sport activity that requires speed and skill.
  • Designed not to hurt the fish, Babaplaya is a « no kill fishing » accessory with no impact on the environment.


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Characteristics Babaplaya

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Babaplaya® was successfully launched on the  Ulule crowdfunding platform.

 This is a new practice that will bring you unknown sensations.

Choose your color and become one of the first to use it this summer!

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At the beach, no hook, no line, and therefore no risk for oneself or the surrounding swimmers! In addition, Babaplaya® is manufactured in compliance with the European regulation on the safety of toys.

The entire value chain, from design to manufacture of the industrial tool, is carried out with the best French industrial partners. Babaplaya® is 100% made in France.